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Monday, May 15, 2006

Fog and clouds are trouble when they make picture taking difficult.. all my shots of this close-up are faint because of the clouds. Its still a fantastic view though.... =)


richunderconstruction said...

is that brilliant or wat?? fog makes the pic look so much prettier... n so much more romantic.
u ve caught the perfect essence,
nw thats one of ur best im sure ;)

Aditi said...

yea i think it is.. it was absolutely gorgeous.. right outside mumbai near bhiwandi too.
Most of the charm of the thing was the clouds, i just got frustrated cuz the same clouds made the pictures look faint. It was quite gorgeous too

anoop said...

wow ! super view..where is this place?

Aditi said...

its right outside mumbai, near bhiwandi. There is a jain temple. This is view from the temple site.

Look up old ones